Liverpool’s ‘Flyover’ Could Be A New City Oasis Worth Visiting | in Huffington Post, Canada 10/05/14

Friends of the Flyover's vision of the Churchill flyover

Churchill Way Theatre

(Relaxnews) – Liverpool is hoping to follow in the footsteps of New York by creating its own ‘High Line’ stretch of panoramic urban parkway from a concrete flyover.

The UK city’s transport structure currently functions as a series of elevated roads, but the Council is planning to demolish it at an estimated cost of £4 million (US$6.8 million). Now, a group of local designers named ‘Friends of the Flyover’ has stepped in to propose an alternative plan: a sky-high park, walkway and venue space.

Featuring a space for arts, music, dance and education events as well as markets, shops and community gardening projects, ‘The Flyover’ would reconnect residential communities in Liverpool with the waterfront. Suitable for cyclists and pedestrians, it would offer “a thriving oasis and green lung in the city centre.”

Friends of the Flyover

Churchill Way from above

“We see it being used by visitors, the public, the museums who overlook it and we see events, markets, shops and cycle lanes,” explains Kate Stewart, of Friends of the Flyover.

Having recently raised over £40,000 via a campaign on civic crowdfunding website Spacehive, a research study into the feasibility of the project will now commence.

Elevated urban public green spaces are becoming increasingly popular in global cities, with New York’s High Line, built on Manhattan’s West Side in June 2009, leading the trend.

Earlier this year British architects Foster + Partners and Exterior Architecture submitted plans to transform London with its high-flying ‘SkyCycle’ project, and Chicago’s version of the High Line, The 606, is scheduled for completion later this year.

Singapore’s Telok Blangah Hill Park also features a network of flyover bridges and walkways, offering visitors a “monkey perspective” on the city.

This article first appeared on the Huffington Post, Canada website.


Liverpool Becomes Latest City With High Line Plans | in Arch Daily 05/05/14

by Rory Stott

The Churchill Flyover in Liverpool. Image © Flickr CC User Arthur John Picton

The Churchill Flyover in Liverpool. Image © Flickr CC User Arthur John Picton

Thanks to a group called Friends of the Flyover, Liverpool has become the latest city with aspirations to build its own High Line-style elevated parkway. The group have raised over £40,000 on the civic crowdfunding website Spacehive to conduct a feasibility study on the elevated Churchill Flyover, with the aim of creating a park, events space and cycle route. Liverpool Council currently has plans to demolish the flyover at a cost of £4 million – however they are said to be open to the proposal by Friends of the Flyover, who hope to show that they can deliver a better solution for around half the cost. You can read the full story on the Independent.

This article first appeared on the Arch Daily website.


Re-imagining City Centre Flyover | in Engage Liverpool 29/11/13

The Churchill Way flyover that takes you from Dale Street and behind the Grade 1-listed buildings of the Cultural Quarter is at the centre of a controversy about whether to demolish it or transform it. What do you think should happen?

Churchill Way overview

Churchill Way overview

It would be good to listen to all sides in the argument which is the approach Engage likes to take before reaching a conclusion. On this page you will find links to some of the sites that discuss the issue. However it hasn’t been possible to find the original debate published in the Liverpool Post on 21.11.13 and written by Eleanor Barlow under the Post Debate banner and requesting our views. It was on page 4 and featured Peter McGurk and Kate Stewart – Peter wanted them demolished and Kate was keen to keep them and re-use them at least temporarily.

You can read some history HERE

Friends of the Flyover website is HERE

An earlier piece in the Post blog Dale Street Associates detailing plans to demolish it HERE

A pro-cycling comment HERE

If you have other links or ideas please post them for everyone to read.

This article first appeared on the Engage Liverpool website.


Bike-friendly ‘promenade in the sky’ proposed for Liverpool flyover | in, pedal powered 18/11/13

Campaigners argue against demolishing flyovers – and suggest using them for public park

by Simon MacMichael

Friends of the Flyover

Churchill Way proposal

Campaigners are fighting to save a pair of flyovers in the centre of Liverpool – and replace them with a “promenade in the sky” similar to ones in New York City and Paris – although unlike those, cycling would be allowed.

Liverpool’s 2012 Strategic Investment Framework (SIF) proposes spending £4 million to tear down the Churchill Way flyovers, which run past the Central Library and World Museum close to Lime Street station.

Mark Bennett of Michael Cunningham Architects has teamed up with the design agency studioF, whose Kate Stewart also set up retail business made-here have teamed up for plans to transform the flyovers into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly public space.

Churchill Way overview

Churchill Way overview

According to the conceptual project’s page on the studioF website:

With the addition of planting, kiosks, cafes, lighting and power infrastructure, this route of hustle, bustle and speed is transformed into a thriving oasis and green lung in the centre of the city, an iconic attraction for residents and visitors.

As visitors meander along the park, they will come across cafes, raised beds with planting and allotments tended by the local community including residents and education establishments, independent retail kiosks and market stalls. Pedestrian routes, coupled with trim-trail equipment, offer a welcome space for residents and city workers to run and keep fit.

Just imagine yourself in this elevated park, having visited a farmers’ market, accessing the wifi cloud and being served with freshly-made coffee and toast, with a generous serving of honey produced by bees from hives within the park! All of this would come with a wonderful vista across the city!

Friends of the Flyover's vision of the Churchill flyover

Churchill Way Theatre

The proposals also include a ‘theatre in the round’ and the firm adds: “The Flyover has the potential to become a thriving promenade and meeting space within an important part of the city centre which is central to the vision.”

Elevated transport infrastructure no longer used for its original purpose has already been transformed into public space in cities including New York and Paris.

The High Line on the west side of Manhattan is a former elevated railway line that has been converted into a public park, with the first section opening in 2009.

It was itself inspired by the Promenade Plantée in Paris, which runs east from near Place de la Bastille and is located on a disused railway viaduct, with arts and crafts shops and studios occupying the arches beneath.

Bicycles are banned from both The High Line and the Promenade Plantée, though each has cycle parking as well as docking stations for their cities’ respective cycle share schemes nearby.

This article first appeared on the pedal powered website.