WINNER – eccentric idea of the year!

We are OVERJOYED to have been thought worthy of being nominated in the Sense of Place Liverpool Awards……….

……….and we couldn’t think of an award we would more like to win than

Eccentric idea of the year

Friends of the Flyover, Monkey Map, Post Code Honey, Liverpool Giants (plus memories of the Liverpool spider).

Explaining that I mean ‘eccentric’ as a good thing. An idea so good that you look at it and think ‘Where did that one come from?’ – we set about discussing which of these add the most to Liverpool. Sarah’s ‘Monkey Map’ website, her mission to log every monkey puzzle tree on Earth from her Liverpool base, was as ever fascinating to all and rightly recognised as an ongoing mission of breathtaking eccentricity. But no more about Liverpool than it’s about everywhere else where the trees grow.

So awarding this one to the Friends of the Flyover for the richness their idea will add to Liverpool life was an easy decision for us all. One of the very best days of the year was the day the flyovers were closed to traffic and we all tried the idea out by going for a play around on the skyroads. It’ll cost less to make this idea a reality than it would to knock the things down. So let’s get on with doing it so before long the flyovers are competing for Place of the Year at future Liverpool Awards.

Winner – Friends of the Flyoverflyover29