Re-imagining City Centre Flyover | in Engage Liverpool 29/11/13

The Churchill Way flyover that takes you from Dale Street and behind the Grade 1-listed buildings of the Cultural Quarter is at the centre of a controversy about whether to demolish it or transform it. What do you think should happen?

Churchill Way overview

Churchill Way overview

It would be good to listen to all sides in the argument which is the approach Engage likes to take before reaching a conclusion. On this page you will find links to some of the sites that discuss the issue. However it hasn’t been possible to find the original debate published in the Liverpool Post on 21.11.13 and written by Eleanor Barlow under the Post Debate banner and requesting our views. It was on page 4 and featured Peter McGurk and Kate Stewart – Peter wanted them demolished and Kate was keen to keep them and re-use them at least temporarily.

You can read some history HERE

Friends of the Flyover website is HERE

An earlier piece in the Post blog Dale Street Associates detailing plans to demolish it HERE

A pro-cycling comment HERE

If you have other links or ideas please post them for everyone to read.

This article first appeared on the Engage Liverpool website.



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