We are overwhelmed with your support on Twitter and Facebook and a lot of you are asking how you can help us make this happen. Well, here’s a little list of the kind of help we need right now as currently this project is being run by 3 people who also have day jobs and we want to deliver it in partnership with a wider community – our ‘crowd’

We would appreciate help with

  • Our events

    check out the latest and what help we could do with on our events page – we usually need stewards, but depending on the event, there will be different needs for each one

  • Flyers

    Printing Flyers so that we can gain more public support and also deliver them to premises in the locality of The Flyover to make sure we have the conversation with everyone who could be involved.

  • Business Cards

    Printing Business Cards so we can let people know when we are at networking events and meetings through our day jobs.

  • Networking

    Identifying groups of people to make presentations to – we’ve already done one workplace event to the fabulous Weightmans Solicitors for one of their regular networking events and we’d like to do more for businesses and employers in the area.

  • Letters of Support

    We need letters of support – whilst you are all tweeting your personal support, it would add weight to our planning application and funding application to the National Lottery if we had letters of support from businesses and public sector bodies in the area. If  you represent an organisation that could send us a letter of support which talks about how our proposals will improve Liverpool and bring economic and social benefit to the area please email it to:  friendsoftheflyover@gmail.com – as soon as you can.

  • Social Links

    We are completely bowled over  by our Facebook and Twitter coverage, but we’re greedy and we want 1,000’s of followers – please help us spread the word and get more supporters.

  • Funding

    Now for the hard bit… We need to raise about £2.5m to do this! We have set a target of £900,000 to be raised from donations from individuals and companies and we will be making a Lottery application and looking to the council to support us too.  Our crowdfunding project for feasibility stage of the project was amazingly successful and we are just formalising how you can become an official Friend of the Flyover – there will be different levels of annual subscription and there will be various goodies you can receive in return

  • Support

    If you can support us in this way or can introduce us to a business or property owner who will benefit from this project and may want to support us please send us an email to friendsoftheflyover@gmail.com.

There will be lots of other ideas that you have so please tweet us or email us or buy us a cuppa and we can hatch a plan together.