Flyover Takeover – 28th August

Street theatricals, performers, plants, birds, bees and giraffes brightened the Flyover at the bank holiday. Fool size Theatre, Gobbledegook, VIP Puppets and Bread and Butter Theatre turned the Churchill Way Flyover into a carnival of colour, light and family fun in the latest Flyover Takeover of the summer. It was a day for the whole family to enjoy.   


The Flock from Fool Size Theatre is an unusual tribe of birdlike bikers. A raucous street circus, who ruffle their feathers and flaunt their leathers.  Gobbledegook Theatre brought The Grass Ladies, three delightful ladies called Mo, Daisy and Lawn-a, clad in gorgeous dresses made from artificial turf inviting families to take part in some lovely private garden parties, complete with acappella singing and mini-concerts.


A concrete flyover might not seem like the place to see lifesize giraffes, but that’s what VIP Puppets brought to the Takeover. Family favourites, Liverpool’s specialist puppet theatre company brought their giraffe family to walkabout and roam the Flyover.


To continue the theme of nature and nurture, Farm Urban ran a Build Your Own Aquaponics System Workshop suitable for families or individuals – The Farm Urban team introduced people to the wonders of Aquaponics; a food production system which combines aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) to produce fish and vegetables in a fantastically efficient and sustainable way.

Music, along with a Sunday breakfast started a fun day out on the Flyover. With coffee by Liverpool company Bean, breakfast muffins from another local favourite Laura’s Little Bakery and lunchtime food from DimSumSu



Flyover Takeover – 31st July 2016

Our Sunday 31st July Flyover Takeover event was packed with things to see and do, such as…

  • ride or stride along the South carriageway of Churchill Way from 8am-11am as it was closed to traffic from 8am
  • from midday we turned the carriageway into our temporary urban park and filled it with dancers, food, bicycle smoothie machines and much more!


Highlights in the performance programme for the 31st July included a performance of Frantic by outstanding dance company Acrojou – it has been described as

“One of the finest short dance pieces I have seen for some time…an intensely moving experience.”
– Richard Ings, Arts Council England

Exploring love, freedom, blood, sweat and rainstorms: Frantic is an explosive acrobatic exploration of our relentless devotion to busyness, the reality of a running mind and one man’s thirst for escape.

Frantic features spectacular acrobatics and dance-theatre, choreographed around a wheel, with a hidden water system for a joyous finale danced in pouring rain.

We were so lucky to have a performance of this calibre come to Liverpool and be a part of our Flyover Takeover programme


We also had a wonderful mix of dance class meets flash mob meets performance by MoveMe which got all our audience involved! Using a storytelling method to take the audience on a journey through an irresistible pop track, professional dancers taught people of all ages and abilities a contemporary dance choreography in just 40 minutes.


This event was sponsored by and produced in collaboration with Sustrans including a LOT of cycling related events, workshops and activites………

We had 3 FREE community workshops for you to choose from and once the learning was over the Flyover was a space of shared fun and movement.

From 11am there was a wing making workshop held in Breckfield Community Centre, followed by a 1pm Flight of the Bikes ride down to the Flyover


Strictly Cycling workshops were run in Everton Park and audiences had the chance to take part or watch the awesome Bicycle Ballet company’s exhilarating dance performance on bikes, exploring the joyful highs and gritty lows of cycling. Their choreography fused dance and physical theatre with visual spectacle, comedy and striking soundtracks.



Flyover Takeover – 3rd July