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Firmly on the agenda!

We’ve certainly gone up in the world a little recently – with both Crowd Funding and citizen-led public space projects catching the attention of local and national government

We took part in the recent Northern Futures Ideas Day in Liverpool that was set up as a one of a series of events around the north to capture citizen’s ideas for improving wealth and prosperity outside of the capital.  The day was a great networking opportunity and a chance to brainstorm ideas with people we knew and some we didn’t too!  One of our favourite collaborators – Elaine Cresswell from reShaped, pitched an idea of co-ordinated and facilitated use of meanwhile spaces and it was taken up as one of only 9 ideas presented to the Northern Futures Summit – watch her presentation her at 1:33:20


The Flyover is one of Elaine’s examples of citizen-led use of space and our Flyover Fest and our plans for our Promo Phase are firmly on the agenda of ODPM and this fabulous project which will be rolled out in the new year!

We’ve also made it to the Prime Minister’s press releases this month too as he Hails the Rise of Civic Crowdfunding