• take a stroll with friends
  • read a book
  • take a class
  • grab a coffee
  • watch a play
  • take in the views
  • escape for lunch
  • buy a gift
  • work those abs
  • harvest honey
  • sample fresh produce
  • chew the fat
  • hire a bicycle
  • visit the farmer’s market
  • hear local music
  • save the city some money (£1.5m)
  • get something in return

Our Vision

Back at the end of 2013, 3 friends proposed the idea that the Churchill Way Flyover (2 elevated roads in Liverpool City Centre) could be transformed into a unique urban park and venue. This was in response to city proposals that these structures and the walkways beneath them would face future demolition. We felt that for less than the estimated £3-4million costs of demolition the city could have something amazing in return that added a unique public space for the city, its residents and visitors.

Our vision for  The Flyover, a highway gifted to the people, with a pedestrian and cycle friendly promenade in the sky, went viral with a successful crowdfunding campaign for a feasibility study and over 200k social media interactions!

During a period of quiet, The Friends of the Flyover been very busy behind the scenes! We have formed a Community Interest Company – We Make Places CIC – which is working not just on this project, but others within the Liverpool City Region.

With thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we now have a part-time member of staff to develop the project during 2016 and our successful Arts Council England application is enabling a programme of events this summer.   This includes closing Churchill Way South to traffic on 5 Sundays between July and September 2016 for Flyover Takeover as well as workshops within the local community. There are amazing opportunities across this time to experience theatre, music, dance, cycling, walking and exploring. This helps us to see opportunities for how people can respond to and shape this unique place!

During this year’s programme, artists will be working with the public to propose activities and installations for next year’s cultural programme.

Check out our events page for dates and details and read all about the programme so far in our Flyover Takeover Newsletter Aug16

We are very excited to have planning permission for our first phase of occupation on site! Sited beneath the Flyover, ‘Urban Workbench’ will give local people the opportunity to get involved in learning skills of making and construction. Central to this will be WikiHouse, a flat-pack, digitally-cut house, designed for self-build. This project will give local people the opportunity to build objects for The Flyover, for themselves and for their own neighbourhoods. If you want to know more, you can find us during any Flyover Takeover event, drop us a line or meet us for a coffee!

An ampitheatre in the Museum Quarter

Part of our vision is for The Flyover to be ‘off-grid’, producing its own energy needs. We are in the process of investigating the feasibility of this, with energy experts looking in to solar and wind opportunities, along with scope to supply power and heat to buildings nearby as part of a community energy scheme.

This is being made possible through the Urban Community Energy Fund from the DECC

Special Thanks

There is a sizeable list of people and organisations out there to thank, particularly the individuals and organisations who have supported our journey, whether funders or collaborators.

Thanks go to Betty, Mariana, Chloe, Josh, Glynn and Lucy all of whom have contributed to the design and planning processes.

Then there is Sarah, Laura and Chris who are key to our events team for Flyover Takeover.

We are receiving great support from officers and  across Liverpool City Council and united support from councillors across the city.

Toria, who joined us in our Light Night Event and is now Director of We Make Places CIC is a real asset to the team and of course the independent businesses run by our founders Steve, Mark and Kate are a constant source of support to us, so thanks to different and MBED Architects.

Finally, thanks to Ruby and Astro, two great dogs – just the therapy we need!